Quality Assurance

HYBA Quality

Quality is one of the most important pillar of Brand Hyba, We make sure not to cut corners when it comes to jewellery or any other aspect of our life, there is nothing without quality.

To make Quality jewellery piece we require Quality Raw Material and finest Craftmanship we are lucky to be blessed with it.

  1. Sterling Silver 92.5. ( Govt.Approved )
  2. International Antitarnish Alloy
  3. Swarovski Zirconia. (Brand Swarovski)
  4. Swarovski Pearl’s
  5. Gem Quality Semi Precious Stones
  6. Handcrafted (Experienced team of Artisans the best in the business)

Each and every piece of jewellery goes through a strict Quality check.



We promise to give you the best of experience through our product and our after sales service. Once our client always our client.

Out of 100 pieces there are chances that 1 piece might be defected or have some problems, be rest assured that we will repair that piece, without compromising the design or any other aspect of the jewellery, if we are unable to do so, the whole piece will be replaced for free.