Customised Jewellery

Learn more about our Customised jewellery design process and discover to create unique jewellery piece with our dedicated team of in-house experts.

Customisation in any Category

At HYBAJEWELS.COM we are experts in manufacturing unique custom-made jewellery. You can work with our jewellery designers to bring to life your custom designs. You can direct the creation or design matching sets with the help of our expert in-house design consultants. During the whole process, you will be working with our jewellery team to ensure you get the custom design your way.

The customisation process begins with you discussing your design, budget and style preferences with our jewellery experts or by sending us your design ideas and inspiration. We will create a computerised CAD model of your piece and continuously stay in contact with you to ensure everything is perfect. Once you are happy with your design, we create a 3D Wax Print to lay the solid cast of the piece of jewellery.

What About Customised Jewellery Pricing?

The prices of our custom-made jewellery vary, depending on your choice, stones to be inset and the intricacy of the design. Our customisation commissions are usually made using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and are sometimes handmade. If you choose to commission from HYBAJEWELS.COM you can expect significant savings, compared with high street prices – but you should expect to pay slightly more on individual items, than mass-produced merchandise in local jewellers. To get a better idea of how much your ideas might cost to produce, please call one of our experts or alternatively complete the online enquiry form and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.