Jewellery Care

A precious jewel is delicate and merits special care and attention. If looked after properly, it can become a treasured family heirloom, hence at HybaJewels we recommend the following simple actions and precautions, which will help you preserve the magnificence and sparkle of your priceless possessions.

Storing and Transporting Your Jewellery

Store your Jewellery in the original Hybajewels case or cautiously enclosed individually in a soft fabric, to avoid it from being scratched by rubbing against each other.

Make sure necklaces and bracelets are stored flat to prevent their links from being distorted. Also, chains should be locked to avoid any knots from developing.

If you need to transport your jewels, make sure it is cautiously packed and covered, preferably in its original case to prevent it from being damaged.

Wearing Your Jewellery

Our jewellery goes against the usual cliché of not been able to wear it in the shower or effected by body sweat. At Hybajewels we are confident about the endurance of our jewellery and hence it can be worn in the shower or with any perfumes as it’s maintenance free.

When you are wearing it, we recommend you avoid knocks that could affect the quality of your jewellery. It is therefore preferable to not wear your jewels when you are swimming, at the beach or engaged in sporting activities.

We also advise you to remove them when you wash your hands or are involved in a manual activity to avoid friction. In addition, we advise that you wear them after applying your makeup and perfume.

You may also clean them frequently yourself: Dip it in lukewarm soapy water and clean it gently with a brush and pH-neutral soap. Then wash it cautiously with fresh lukewarm water, dry it and polish it with a soft fabric.

Stones and Pearls tend to get dirty or dusty over time, you may polish them using a dry cloth. This quick, efficient and stress-free procedure will preserve your jewellery’s gorgeous sparkles

To ensure your earrings do not fall out, gently squeeze the earring hooks together once they are in the ear so that they are secure.