Frequently Asked Questions


YES we give 3 years warranty.

YES they are handcrafted.

YES, because of the quality of making and the raw materials which we use.

No we do not charge for shipping in india. For international shipping there would be an additional cost.

YES you can use our jewellery as it does not contain nickel or chromium, which is harmful for skin. We use international alloys which is completely safe.

We use Swarovski Zirconia along with multi coloured semi precious stones. The pearls we use are also Swarovski.

YES there won’t be any problems, just make sure to carry them in the allocated pouches/cases to avoid any knocks or scratches.

YES it is, 92.5 along with the brand name.

No as we use special Anti-Tarnish solution.

It means, for instance; on the purchase of Jewellery worth Rs. 20,000, an exchange value of 70% is offered by deducting 30% i.e. Rs. 6000, and for the remaining Rs.14000, you can purchase anything worth that value from the current collection.

Note : You can always contact us on the number given below for further queries.
+91 70211 09613